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South Jersey’s “transportation news you can use,” brings you interesting and engaging articles from Cross County Connection, highlighting all the commuter, transit, and transportation happenings in our region. Download the latest issue, and be sure to subscribe for future editions!



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 Government Services Newsletter

Cross County Connection’s Newsletter for Municipal and County Leaders! These newsletters provide updates on recent transportation-related projects and accomplishments, regional transportation news, and major construction activity in southern New Jersey. Feel free to share with your staff, residents and local businesses. We hope you enjoy!

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 COVID-19 Transit Impact Newsletter

From September 2020 to February 2021, Cross County Connection ran a newsletter series exploring the impacts COVID-19 has had on transportation. The series covered topics such as air quality, the growth of teleworking, how essential businesses adapted to get employees to work, the response from public transit agencies and the increased interest in walking and biking. These articles included lessons learned and potential impacts on longer-term travel habits and trends – both the positive and negative. We hope you find this series thought-provoking and that it contributes to a dialog on how we can turn a distressing moment in history into a safer and more sustainable transportation future.

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TMAC Newsletter

The Transportation Management Association Council of NJ (TMAC NJ) is comprised of the Executive Directors of New Jersey’s eight Transportation Management Associations (TMA). TMAs are non-profit, public/private partnership organizations that work with businesses, commuters, county, and local governments, and regional and state agencies to implement programs that reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. TMA services are available in every county in NJ. This quarterly newsletter is designed to educate and inform its readers about the impactful work NJ’s TMAs are doing to improve the mobility needs of all persons in NJ. Click here for an NJ State map showing all the TMAs and their geographic service areas.

For information about the TMA serving your area, click here

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 Safe Routes to School Newsletter

These newsletters contain in-depth articles, news items, and examples of Safe Routes to School work in South Jersey.  Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a national program that encourages children to be more physically active and creates safe, convenient and fun opportunities for children to bicycle and walk to and from their schools. The program also encourages changes in travel behavior, supports increased traffic law enforcement around schools and educates communities about the benefits of active transportation.

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