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Regional Bus Services

Southern NJ is served by several bus providers including NJ TRANSIT which provides fixed route bus services for the general public.

Community Bus & Shuttle Services

Smaller, localized bus services for the general public, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. Generally, the smaller bus services are demand responsive. Some bus providers charge a fare, others are free but appreciate donations to cover rapidly increasing expenses.

Rail Services

Driveless provides rail information for NJ TRANSIT, RiverLINE, PATCO, and SEPTA. Commuters, please visit our Rail Services page for more information about these services.

Ride Sharing

Are you looking for a more cost effective way of getting to and from work or school? Have you tried carpooling or vanpooling? Cross County Connection offers a free ridematch service to help you find a suitable carpooling partner based on your commuting patterns. Click here for more information on how to utilize these services and take back your commute!

Featured Applications and Resources


View and download our helpful and easy to use South Jersey Transit Guide for all transit services and information.


Cross County Connection offers many services that can be used to ease your commute! With mobile device applications, interactive transport maps, live traffic cameras, and many more we want to help you take back your commute!


View and download CCCTMA publications and newsletters for information and articles on transportation and our services.


This map has been developed by Cross County Connection to aid in locating and visualizing public transportation, bicycle routes, and other commuter resources. A directions feature is included to route commuters to appropriate locations of interest.

Programs and Services

Safe Routes to School

SCHOOLS: CCCTMA Provides Free Assistance and Resources for Implementing the SRTS Program. Click Here For More Information on the Planning, Development and Implementation of SRTS Projects!

Bicycle & Pedestrian

From Planning, Safety, and Outreach, CCCTMA Provides a Wide Range of Programs and Services to Help Municipalities Create Bicycle and Pedestrian-Friendly Environments.

Sustainable Jersey

MUNICIPALITIES: Let CCCTMA Help Your Community Towards Certification and Points Towards Governmental Grants.  Click Here to Learn More About Actions That Help Communities Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Preserve Open Spaces, Reduce Energy Consumption, and More!

Employer Services

Regardless of your industry, transportation and mobility issues impact your business either directly or indirectly. Cross County Connection offers the following services to address traffic congestion and other transportation related issues at your worksite.

Complete Streets

Let CCCTMA Help Your Community Adopt Plans for Safer, More Accommodating and Efficent Roadways for Pedestrians, Motorists, Transit Riders and Bicyclists Alike.

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Smart Workplaces

EMPLOYERS, Click Here to See How CCCTMA Can Help Your Organization, Your Employees, and Give You FREE Recognition for ‘Going Green.’



Cross County Connection members are dedicated to improving the mobility of the region through effective transportation solutions. They demonstrate their commitment by supporting CCCTMA through their membership.

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