Regardless of your industry, transportation and mobility issues impact your business either directly or indirectly. Traffic congestion causes delays in deliveries including delays in receiving raw materials to produce products and delays in getting products to the consumer. These delays contribute to increased costs in terms of time and wasted fuel. Employees stuck in traffic arrive at work under stress and angry which affects their productivity. Studies have shown that employees who experience traffic congestion during their commute on a regular basis have experience a decreased quality of life and often demand higher wages or seek a new job. Traffic congestion also has a negative impact on our environment resulting in poor air quality. Many people, especially older persons and the very young, experience health issues related to poor air quality. The resulting stress and health issues as a result of traffic congestion also increase our medical costs. So, as an employer and community member, why not do your part to alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality. Implementing a few simple, and low-cost, commuter services at your worksite can go a long way towards improving your employees’ morale and health, your business’s productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

Additional Information


Set up on-site resource center to include:


  • Public transit schedules
  • Carpool/vanpool information and registration forms
  • Bicycling/walking commute information

Traffic Alert Program—know when delays occur as a result of traffic incidents or road construction. Receive Text messages and/or e-mails to receive time sensitive information. Relocation Assistance-Retain valuable employees by assisting them with their new commute before the move. Designation of bus stops and installation of bus shelters along transit routes

Existing Conditions and Needs Analysis

  • Employee survey—understand employees’ commuting habits, needs and issues
  • Site assessment—analysis of site access, parking situation and transit opportunities

Creation of customized Commute Alternative Program to include:

  • Identification of commute alternatives that meet employee and employer needs
  • Identification of actions needed to implement Commute Alternative Program
  • Employee outreach and marketing strategy to implement commute alternatives
  • Monitoring and modification of Commute Alternative Program, once implemented

Cross County Connection can also assist you with the following State and Federal employer programs:

Commuter Benefits

Commuting to work can be expensive. Employees who commute by vanpool or public transit may be eligible for a significant tax savings on their commuting costs through the Commuter Tax Benefits Program. Employers benefit too, by saving money on payroll taxes.

NJ Sustainable Business Initiative

Learn about NJDEP’s Sustainable Business Program and connect with employers from around the state to share your experiences with implementing sustainable business practices.

NJ Smart Workplaces Program

The New Jersey Smart Workplaces Program is FREE and EASY! Your organization probably already qualifies so let us give you the recognition you deserve!  Employers may nominate their business for the bronze, silver, gold or platinum level recognition award.

Green Technology Incentives

Discover new ways to save money and the environment by taking advantage of the many incentive programs to encourage businesses to adopt sustainable business practices.