Transit Locator

Want to see your commute alternative to driving? The Transit Locator app can show every bus route, bus stop, and rail station in the user’s immediate vicinity. This interactive map resource features multiple, clickable layers that allow the user to easily access key information such as: “MyBus” bus route information, next scheduled arrivals, and even download complete schedules!


What is the Transit Locator App?

Transit Locator is a web application that CCCTMA developed in-house to identify the nearest public transportation using the built-in GPS capabilities of your iPhone, Android, or other device. It is free and easy to use!


What does the Transit Locator App Feature?

  • Displays the nearest public transportation based on your current location
  • Identifies NJ TRANSIT bus stops by ID#
  • Receive text message updates telling you when the next NJ TRANSIT bus is scheduled to arrive
  • Includes links to bus and rail timetables to view on your mobile device


Click Here to Visit the Transit Locator Application


  • 260+ NJ TRANSIT statewide bus routes with schedule link
  • 16,000+ NJ TRANSIT statewide bus stops with MyBus ID
  • 190+ NJ TRANSIT and PATCO railstations with timetable link
  • English Creek Community Shuttle Route and stops
  • Updated BurLink stops and routes.