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Or text “ccctma1” to 888-410-0585 for traffic alerts.


Cross County Connection offers FREE traffic alert services that provide up-to-the-minute information for major incidents and road construction activities in southern New Jersey.  Sign up to receive alerts via Email or Text Message alerts to stay informed of any major traffic delays in the region. Cross County Connection receives real-time traffic from a regional database that includes information from several state and local traffic operation centers.  If there is a major roadway construction project scheduled in your county or municipality we can add that information to the regional database on your behalf to keep other government entities informed about what is occurring on your roadways.

Live Traffic Cameras

Emergency Travel Delay Notices (ETDN) ETDN alerts are sent out as emails with a Word document attachment that provides complete incident information.  Post or forward the alerts for staff or clients to warn them of a nearby incident to ensure that everyone is informed of roadway conditions and allows extra time for safe travel. RIMIS (Regionally Integrated Multi-Modal Information System) Using RIMIS, our staff is connected to a regional database that traffic agencies use to keep each other informed of major roadway incidents or planned construction events. It provides access to all real-time traffic cameras which allows us to gauge the severity of incidents as they occur and send out alerts accordingly.  RIMIS is also used to share traffic and roadway information among state, county, and local governments to ensure everyone is aware of the potential upstream and downstream traffic impacts of their projects.  If there is an upcoming roadway project in your town Cross County Connection can enter the construction schedule and detail any potential impacts of the work to inform neighboring towns and counties of the project.  Contact us for further details.