Commuters, municipalities and county governments, and employers all benefit from Cross County Connection’s work in seeking and providing viable transportation solutions for the southern New Jersey region. The region benefits from Cross County Connection’s work through a reduction in single-occupancy vehicles which results in less traffic congestion and improved air quality for a more productive, vibrant and healthy region.




Benefit by using Cross County Connection as a centralized source of valuable information on joining carpools or vanpools, using public transit, including bus and rail services and community shuttles, commuting by walking or biking, and receiving timely alerts regarding traffic incidents and roadway construction. Cross County Connection even rewards commuters for using commute alternatives.

Commuter Services


Find a ready resource to help your employees get to work. Cross County Connection offers a wide variety of services from the basic to the complex. Basic services may include disseminating car/vanpooling and public transit information to employees at an on-site event or setting up a commuter resources display. More complex services may include a customized Employer Commute Alternative Program. Regardless of the type of assistance provided, Cross County Connection provides practical solutions to the unique transportation issues at individual worksites.

Employer Services

Municipal and County Governments

Rely on Cross County Connection’s expertise in the area of transportation-related planning programs that improve transportation infrastructure for residents and employees which expands opportunities and desirability to use commute alternatives. Cross County Connection’s expertise in bicycling and pedestrian planning, Complete Streets policies and Safe Routes to School Programs facilitates the safe use of commute alternatives and the grant funding needed to implement necessary infrastructure. Cross County Connection also assists with Sustainable Jersey Certification action items which enable communities to go green, save money and take the necessary steps to sustain and improve their quality of life.

Community Programs

All of Cross County Connection’s projects and programs have the support of a full service GIS mapping department and a professional marketing and promotions department to facilitate the use and promotion of all projects and programs.