Most counties in southern NJ have community senior and accessible transportation services that provide mobility to elderly adults and persons with disabilities. These services connect passengers to employment, medical centers, shopping areas, social services, recreational facilities and other locations. The operating policies vary for each senior and accessible bus service so it is important that you carefully review this information. All of the services charge a small fare to ride and require passengers make reservations by contacting the transportation provider. Detailed information about operating hours and policies can be found by clicking to the right on the county in which you wish to travel. All of the Senior and accessible Services are ADA accessible and can accommodate wheelchairs. For information on these senior and accessible services, click on the county in which you wish to travel. For more detailed information or to make a reservation, contact the transit provider directly.



NJ TRANSIT, PATCO, SEPTA, Amtrak, and many counties all provide accessible services for people with mobility issues. These include buses with lifts and “kneeling” features, and elevators or ramps at certain train stations. Information below provides general guidelines. Please consult the carrier for more detail on these services.



Many NJ TRANSIT buses are lift-equipped and are marked on the schedule with a “W.” Some routes require a reservation for a lift-equipped bus, which would allow a person using a mobility device to board. Call 1-973-275-5555 (same number for TTY) for a reservation.

NJ TRANSIT’s Reduced Fare Program is for passengers with mobility issues and senior citizens ages 62 and older. An application must be completed.

NJ TRANSIT’s Access Link is for people whose mobility issue prevents them from using existing local bus service. For information on how to apply for Access Link call 1-800-955-2321, TTY 1-800-955-6765 and an informational packet will be sent to you. To determine eligibility, an interview will be set up and an application filled out. If you are eligible to ride Access Link, you will receive an I.D. number. Those using Access Link must be within 3/4 of a mile of a regular bus route and follow the same hours.

View NJ TRANSIT ticket vendors by county. Visit our regional bus services page to learn more about NJ TRANSIT.



Elevators and full accessibility are available at Lindenwold, Woodcrest, Broadway, 8th/Market, and 15th/Locust Street Stations. In addition, escalators are available at Ashland, Haddonfield, Westmont, Collingswood, Ferry Avenue, and 12th/13th/Locust Street Stations.
The PATCO Speedline offers reduced fares for senior citizens (65 and older) and persons with disabilities (no age specified). The reduced fare is available during the off-peak hours of 9AM-4PM and 7PM to 6AM, Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.


SEN HAN Transit

SEN HAN Transit provides rides to Burlington and Camden County residents 60 years of age or older, or those individuals certified disabled by SCUCS who have completed a Disabled Application with their physician that has been approved by the administration of SCUCS. These rides are provided by reservation only and reservations must be made in advance of the day you wish to travel. Sen Han provides curb-to-curb rides by appointment only Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Rides are provided for:

  • Non-emergency medical trips
  • Personal business trips
  • Nutrition site trips
  • Veteran’s medical facility trips
  • Other types of trips may be possible

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  • Ride Reservations: 877-603-5111
  • Shopping Ride Reservation: 856-255-5348
  • Email:

Shuttle Services by County


Atlantic County Transportation Services
The Atlantic County Transportation Unit provides transportation services to qualified senior citizens and disabled residents of Atlantic County. The service may be used for non emergency medical appointments, nutrition, shopping assistance, and some recreational trips. Some employment trips to certain areas may also be available. For more information, call 609-645-5910.
Public Transit Information


Camden County Sen-Han Transportation
SEN-HAN Transit provides coordinated special transportation services to elderly and those with mobility issues in Camden County. Service is provided for non-emergency medical, shopping, veterans’ services, post-secondary education and special events trips. Trips are also provided to Camden County residents with mobility issues to competitve work sites and employment support services in the county. For more information, call 856-456-3344.

South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA)
The SJTA operates several “shuttle to work” routes in southern New Jersey. For more information, call 856-614-1072.


Cape May Fare Free Transportation
Fare Free Transportation provides demand-response, subscription and modified-fixed route bus service to senior citizens, persons with mobility issues, veterans, individuals of low-income and general public. Service is provided to all areas of Cape May County, as well as select areas of Atlantic, Cumberland, and Camden Counties. Service is also provided to select destinations in Philadelphia, and Wilmington. For more information, call 609-889-3700.



Cumberland Area Transit System (CATS)
CATS provides transportation to senior citizens, persons with mobility issues, veterans and the general public for non-emergency medical, shopping and other trips. Service is provided to County residents and to selected destinations within Cumberland County and the surrounding area. For more information, call (856) 691-7799.

Cumberland County Public Transit System
The Cumberland County Office of Employment and Training operates four bus routes serving employment locations in the Bridgeton and Vineland areas. For more information, call (856) 451-8920; ext. 116

Gloucester County Division of Transportation Services (DTS)
The DTS provides non-emergency medical, curb-to-curb services to: senior citizens, people with mobility issues, veterans, and low-income residents of Gloucester County. Service is provided to all areas of Gloucester County, with limited service to Camden, Cumberland, and Salem Counties, and portions of Philadelphia. The DTS also provides service to the Pureland Industrial Park for County residents. For more information, call 856-686-8355.

South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA)
The SJTA operates several “shuttle to work” routes in southern New Jersey for qualified employees. For more information, call 856-614-1072.

Pureland Shuttle
Service between Camden, Westville, Woodbury, Paulsboro, Greenwich and Pureland Industrial Park. Call the South Jersey Transportation Authority at (856) 614-1072. Visit our Pureland page for more information.

Salem County Employment Transportation Services
For service between Salem County and the Pureland industrial Park, call the Inter Agency Council at (856) 935-4194.

Contact Information

Gloucester County Site

General Info – (856) 686-8355

SJTA(856) 614-1072

Salem County Transportation Program

The Salem County Office on Aging provides specialized transportation services to senior citizens and disabled residents of Salem County. Transportation is provided for medical appointments, congregate nutrition sites, social service appointments, and shopping trips. For more information call 856-339-8622 or visit:


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