NJ Evacuation

When emergency strikes, and the trip is critical, the NJ EVACUATION free mobile safety tool is ready to help you quickly determine the best emergency routes and travel options, right from your smartphone in the event of hazardous conditions. See www.njevacuation.com

What is the NJ Evacuation App?

This exclusive application, developed by CCCTMA’s acclaimed, in-house GIS mapping and transit technology experts, works with built-in GPS capabilities on iPhone, Android, and other devices to zone in on an individual user’s specific, geographical location and immediately identify safe travel options, statewide throughout New Jersey.




What does the NJ Evacuation App Feature?

  • Your approximate DPS location will be shown on the map along with nearby evacuation routes.
  • Official NJ Office of emergency management evacuation routes along state highways and displayed in green on top of the road map.
  • The ‘Emergency Status’ icon shown in the top left hand corner of the screen will change in the instance of an emergency (e.g hurricane warning)
  • In the case of an evacuation, emergency shelter locations (to the extent known) will be displayed in red to assist with identification of the closest shelter